Crawling Out From a Grave

Its a bit too much to make that title. But I know, that opening-blast-bombing title could gather people around my blog. ehehe..   Hmm. Some random thoughts hit me right in the head,… Continue reading

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Monster Saxophone

Yes, the contrabass saxophone is not a myth.  It’s one of the lowest-pitched members of the saxophone family. visit this link ->

Most Expensive Saxophone

Unveiled at the Thailand Millionaire Expo, an event held in honor of that country’s King Bhumipol, the world’s most expensive saxophone is a hard one to miss. It was created by Diamonds in… Continue reading

how much is an alto saxophone?

AH! after a long time searching in the internet and after asking these question to my friend… how much is an alto saxophone? where can I get that? Indonesia?? somewhere else?? is that… Continue reading

How Do I Deal with Compassion Fatigue?

Have you ever found yourself: > Feeling overwhelmed with challenging patients? > Struggling to manage the emotions that arise from patient deaths? > Constantly asked to do more, get patients discharged more quickly… Continue reading

Nurse Myths – “Have You Heard About the Nurse Who…?”

Myths and misconceptions abound in every profession, and nursing is no exception. Sometimes these myths come from colleagues, sometimes from people outside the profession—either way, they don’t serve us well. So, the next time… Continue reading

I’m Giving My Best to You, O Lord…

I’m giving my best for You, O Lord I’m giving away all my things, for You All my heart and all my soul You’ve given your life for me Your best in the… Continue reading

good things should never sleep.

GOOD THINGS should never sleep. DREAMS should never sleep. PASSION should never sleep. HAPPINESS should never sleep. IDEAS should never sleep. COURAGE should never sleep. *thanks to Citi for giving me a GREAT… Continue reading


for every Daniel Sahuleka’s fans from all over the planet earth!! Daniel Sahuleka will perform at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta on March 19, 2010. doors open at 20.00 hours entrace: Rp 100.000 & Rp… Continue reading