Crawling Out From a Grave

Its a bit too much to make that title. But I know, that opening-blast-bombing title could gather people around my blog. ehehe..


Hmm. Some random thoughts hit me right in the head, “I have to make some notes about some books I read. Because these brilliant books make my life changed.”

But then, I think about that all over again, what is the purpose of sharing some random thoughts? What is the purpose of giving something that I don’t even know it would be given back to me?

That’s the idea! Giving something, whether we could get it back or not! It has the same meaning like: God has given many things to the people, but He doesn’t even know whether the people would gave thanks or not.  That’s what  love all about, right?

So, I’m crawling out from my grave right now. Im crawling out with new spirit and new thought, “I’m ready to share everything I know about these two books.”

God Bless You.
Ad maiorem Dei Gloriam.